A Day in the Life of Camascope Regional Sales Manager, Miranda

July 22, 2021
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Miranda Childs
Customer Success Manager

"When you buy your broadband and renew your phone contract, they pull out all the stops but then kind of forget about you. We want to be the exact opposite of that.”

Miranda is as Regional Sales & Relationship manager at VCare and has a reputation for going the extra mile for our clients. At VCare, we always say that if you’re feeling down, just spend an afternoon with Miranda and you’ll be in a great mood for the rest of the week.

Miranda’s been working with care homes for the best part of thirty-years, and we sat down with her to hear about her experiences of helping homes moving onto eMAR.  

Changing Ways of Working

“I think why care homes relate to us as a company is that we don’t sugar-coat things. Moving from paper to eMAR is not something that happens without effort from the home and from ourselves. It's important to understand that eMAR isn’t going to be the silver bullet that changes your home’s CQC rating. Yes, if there’s buy-in at the care home and you work with us to really try to use the system as intended, then your medicine processes will be better-documented and improved. But it’s changing the way of working for nurses and care home staff that have been recording medicine administration on paper for many years. That’s why we give a massive layer of support to our customers, because those first couple of months can be really challenging. We engage, support and help with the transition of the home and start that relationship from that very first appointment.”

Going the Extra Mile

When asked about how VCare offer support to care homes, Miranda responds, “I had a home just last week who needed a new tablet at very short notice. It was a home I know well and I knew I could get to it relatively quickly. So I got in the car and brought them my tablet that I use for demos when visiting homes. Of course, I had the tablet wiped and have now got it back as the new one has since been sent by head office. But the point is that we try to be as flexible as possible when a client comes to us with a problem and sometimes, even though we are in the technology business, the answer is to pickup the phone or get in the car and visit the home as this shows them that we really do care.”

But Miranda’s close relationship with her homes has some extra benefits too. “Every time I go into a home on a Friday, I get a fish and chips meal along with a lovely chat with a home manager and the wider team. I love going into the homes and chat to the residents - before the pandemic you could have a dance. Even now though, you can bring life and fun into the homes when you visit. What I like about working at VCare is that we’re not just there to sell a product and go. We want to build a lasting relationship and for homes to be using our eMAR for many years to come. When you buy your broadband and renew your phone contract, they pull out all the stops but then kind of forget about you. We want to be the exact opposite of that.”

Beyond the fish and chips and cups of team, when asked about why she loves working with care homes, Miranda has a strong response:

“I’m giving them something that will improve their care and help them deliver for their residents. I’m also making the staff’s lives easier, saving them time to they can spend more time with the residents.”

Extra Visibility

The VCare eMAR app has been carefully designed to meet these needs, helping you create better processes in a way that complies with CQC guidelines. It organises information logically, stores it securely, and makes it available to everyone who needs to see it: carers, managers and pharmacists. The simple-to-use app can streamline medicine management processes for independent care homes or for an entire care home group.

Contact us to find out more about how the VCare eMAR system can improve medicine management for your care home or care home group.

Miranda Childs
Customer Success Manager
Miranda's been working in the care sector for the best part of 30 years and helps transition care homes from paper-based medicine processes onto the VCare eMAR system




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