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From pharmacy through to care home
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Reduction in medication errors
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Increased management visibility
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Simplified pharmacy communication
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NHS approved supplier - vcare systems - provides a critical bridge between different healthcare systemscrown commercial supplier - vcare systems - provides a critical bridge between different healthcare systems

How End-To-End eMAR Works

Connected Medicine Management Software Helps to Streamline Processes
Step 1
Medicine Orders

Senior nurse / carer manages medicine from the Camascope portal, placing re-orders for the next cycle which connects directly to the home's regular pharmacy. Software allows tracking of individual medicine orders, making it easier to follow-up on any discrepancies

Step 2
Booking-in Medicines

Medicine order is delivered to the home and is booked-in by staff. Complex doses are set up in the system once and then are automatically replicated for future cycles, unless changes are made.
Medicine clashes are highlighted at the time of booking-in to ensure resident safety

Step 3
Medicine Administration

Using the Camascope eMAR app on a mobile tablet, medicines are administered to residents at the point-of-care. Staff will mark medicines as taken, refused or skipped. The app runs seamlessly even when internet connection is lost.

All users can see when medicines could be at risk of being missed and are alerted on the system and via email, enabling rapid intervention

Step 4
Automatic Stock Counts

Medicine stock levels are automatically calculated in real-time and visible to staff within the Camascope portal and app. Low stocks alerts are shown when a particular medicine stock is running low. Medicine returns and destruction are all logged within the system for simple compliance

Step 5
Ongoing Reports & Audits

Staff can clearly see medicine compliance KPIs in a single place. Care Group operational staff can track medicine compliance remotely. Custom reports can be generated instantly regarding all aspects of medicine management. Along with many other reports, missed doses, medicine stock levels, MAR charts and PRN follow-ups can all be reported on

Step 6
Clear Visibility

Care home owners, managers and Group operational staff can log in to the Camascope portal and see medicine compliance in any of their homes, summarised in a single screen.

Automatic e-mail reports provide daily, weekly and monthly medicine summary reviews

Why Camascope?

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Industry Leading Support
7 days a week, 365 days a year. We are always on hand to help with customer questions
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Technical team with decades of experience building resilient software that never breaks
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Always Improving
Leveraging agile methodologies to absorb new requirements and convert them into new features
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Our software uses the latest technologies to deliver a modern and simple experience for users
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Patient data security is our #1 priority, with ISO27001 and other regulatory approvals
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Product Simplicity
We ensure there is a quick and easy learning phase when first using any of our products
Camascope desktop applicationCamascope laptop applicationCamascope tablet mobile application

Ensuring Safe Medicine Practices

Live alerts and updates regarding medicine administration reduces errors and communicates the key information to the right stakeholders at the earliest possible moment. The solution ensures residents are at its heart, with a single record of all current and historic medicines readily available.
camascope Benefiting from Digital Medicine Management camascope Benefiting from Digital Medicine Management

Benefiting from Digital Medicine Management

"We can all feel confident that we are on top of our medicine processes."

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We take compliance seriously

We understand the importance of data security and privacy in the healthcare industry. That's why we have implemented robust security measures to protect patient data from unauthorised access, loss, or theft. We also ensure compliance with all relevant regulations, including ISO27001 and GDPR.

Patient data security is our #1 priority.

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NHS approved supplier - vcare systems - provides a critical bridge between different healthcare systemsCamascope review minster care group
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